Perfumes and sweat sticks

Wool and cashmere products require special, neat care. Properly cared cashmere becomes softer after every wash. Let the sweat stick fully dry before wearing cashmere. Wearing perfume on wool/cashmere products should be avoided as it leaves white stains and attracts moth.

Balls (pilling)

Cashmere/wool items tend to accumulate balls during use, although a product made of quality material is less likely to pill. In fact, wearing static materials on the cashmere leads to pilling. Keep them away from sharp-edged items and hooks (hand bags, earrings), and avoid rubbing.

Pre-wash before usage helps to remove loose cashmere fibers. Once accumulated, the balls should be cleaned by special machine, or gently picked by hand promptly.

Let it rest

It is important to frequently change cashmere clothes without wearing them every day. It prevents the clothing from stretching, losing its shape, getting wrinkles.

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Washing machine is not advisable. Cashmere items should be washed gently by hand in cold or warm water, as hot water causes shrinkage or change in its form. 

Firstly, turn the cloth inside out and soak it in cold-warm water using mild detergent-preferably the one for wool and cashmere. Wash it by gently squeezing until dirt is removed and rub the collar, edges of sleeves where the most dirt is attracted. Dry clean only when there is deep stain. 

Rinse/ drying

After removing the dirt, gently squeeze and remove from water. Then rinse in cold water for several times. After rinsing, gently squeeze without twisting. Dry towels can also be used to absorb excess water. Alternatively, wrap the washed item in a towel to prevent misshaping. Squeeze repeatedly in and do not hang. 

After washing, the item should be spread on a flat surface. Do not hang or stretch before it is fully dried. Keep away from heat generating gear as it makes the cashmere rough. 


Low temperature. When ironing wool and cashmere clothes, always use low temperature steam iron on both sides. 

Removing stain.

Cold water. Rinse the stained area immediately with cold water. Hot water strengthens the stain. 

Stain remover is used exceptionally when the stain is not removable by hand wash. It is highly recommended to address the professionals. 

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Hanging a cashmere item for a long period causes stretching and misshape. If inevitable, soft, and stuffed hangers are preferred. 


When storing cashmere items for a long period, it is recommended to keep it in a box or paper bag, which allows cashmere to breath. 


Instead of a poison for insects, there is a traditional way of preventing moths by placing cedar bark, orange-peel, lavender; thymus with the cashmere clothes. 

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