Perfumes and sweat sticks

Wool and cashmere products require special, neat care. Properly cared cashmere becomes softer after every wash. Let the sweat stick fully dry before wearing cashmere. Wearing perfume on wool/cashmere products should be avoided as it leaves white stains and attracts moth.

Balls (pilling)

Cashmere/wool items tend to accumulate balls during use, although a product made of quality material is less likely to pill. In fact, wearing static materials on the cashmere leads to pilling. Keep them away from sharp-edged items and hooks (hand bags, earrings), and avoid rubbing.

Pre-wash before usage helps to remove loose cashmere fibers. Once accumulated, the balls should be cleaned by special machine, or gently picked by hand promptly.

Let it rest

It is important to frequently change cashmere clothes without wearing them every day. It prevents the clothing from stretching, losing its shape, getting wrinkles.