Our Nomads

Ch.Bakhiit, N.Bayarmaa family, the merited herdsman from Mungarag team, Ulaan-Uul soum, Khuvsgul Province.

Total number  of 1000 herd of goat, yak, sheep, horses.

Nomadic lifestyle

Mongolians have practiced pastoral nomadism for thousands of years by living in harmony with nature, climate, and livestock for centuries and few ethnic groups that preserved nomadic heritage, attending their livestock with care, humanely and ethically. It is one of our pride and joyful traits whilst being a clear example of the most environmentally friendly and minimalist culture. Thus, we help to manage pastureland in a sustainable way and to develop sustainable herding strategies to adapt to changing socioeconomic conditions.

As of today 20%, or 171,000 of Mongolian households live by the nomadic lifestyle and rely on their livestock for their livelihoods. A total of 72% of the land, or 112.8 million hectares, is categorized as rangeland which supports over 171,000 herder families. Cashmere and wool, the raw materials from the herd are the most important source of income for them to provide for their own needs, to raise their children, to educate them, and to send them to schools and higher educational institutions.

Therefore, the wool and cashmere business are the most essential sector to maintain their nomadic culture without financial disruption.

Ethical way of cashmere collection – Arbulag soum, Khuvsgul Province

Sustainability factors

Herders are raising their livestock in a humane and ethical way, without compromising their wellbeing, which is the most important factor in sourcing eco-friendly, biodegradable raw materials and natural fibers to produce value added products. By sourcing locally, it is coalition between the herder and the manufacturer to accelerate the viability and growth of sustainable cashmere and wool through the empowerment of nomadic herding cultures.

The roots of our raw material, the local community and the most reliable people that allows MUNKH to produce the noble, luxurious and most importantly organic, eco-friendly sustainable cashmere, yak down products that designed, knitted, executed and value-added final products are proudly Made in Mongolia.

We source in the most northern part of Mongolia, Khuvsgul Province.

The region is well known in Mongolia for its natural environment, the largest forests of Mongolia are located around and to the north of the lake, extending the South Siberian taiga. The lake lies within boundaries of the Khuvsgul National Park. The area of Khuvsgul Lake, raised well above sea level, is 2760ms. Its length is 136 km and width 36.5 km. The outflow from Khuvsgul Lake drains into the Eg River and Selenge River and it reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia. The scientists have announced that Lake Khuvsgul contains two percent of world’s fresh water resources. This is a place in Mongolia where one can get sense of total unspoiled wilderness.

The ethical practices toward animal welfare go hand in hand with our values when considering grassland conservation initiatives.

Discussion session on the Cashmere and Yak down, the main source of income, the specifics and details and the quality of the raw material supplied for the last year. 

The herdsmen, the suppliers of the raw material, implement frequent moving to different places to improve the quality of the grassland and give the possibility to regenerate the pastureland without disturbing the vegetation structure, paying close attention to health and productivity of the herd.

The bonus system is applied for those who practice the sustainability factors.

SUSTAINABILITY BEGINS AT THE SOURCE, which is why traceability is key to bringing transparency and aligning our partners to pursue sustainable practices at every level of the supply chain.

OUR CASHMERE IS TRACEABLE from a specific region right through to the individual cone and therefore to the garment. Documentation from fiber collection through computerized inventory control ensures transparency of information.

We always test every batch of raw cashmere fibers for purity at our independent laboratory to check on a DNA molecular level for 100% cashmere and its origins, so that you can rest assured that our cashmere is real, wholesome and pure.

Our herders are the beginnings of the very first steps that makes the production possible.

B.Lhagvasure from Shivleg tem, Ulaan-Uul soum, Khuvsgul province

70 heads of Yaks. The herd is 800 heads.

Herder N.Enkhbold , Sumber team, Arbulag soum, Khuvsgul Province. The herd of 300 yaks.

G.Amarbold. Munkhbumuud LLC supplier for the last 9 years.