Some suggestion on how to get rid of static electricity build-up in cashmere

  1. Water

Flicking or spraying a little water on the surface of your cashmere garment will help to get rid of static electricity instantly. Or simply getting your hands wet and brushing them over your cashmere clothes. The only con here is that while water neutralizes the static instantly, it can wear off quickly.

  1. A Metal (Hanger or any metal)

Glide a metal clothing hanger through the inside of the item – the metal discharges the electricity, thereby removing the static. If you do not have a metal hanger, you can also use another metal item or Safety pin. Hiding a metal safety pin into the inside seam or pocket of your cashmere garment. The metal prevents that static electricity. Just touch some sort of grounded metal, and the electricity will discharge leaving you static-free. Metal can attract and discharge the built-up static electricity, returning the object to its natural balanced state.

  1. Static Solution Spray

You can buy from stores specially manufactured spray for static removal.

  1. Homemade Static Guard

Mixing a cap of fabric softener with a full water of spray bottle and spraying will leave you static free and smelling fresh.

  1. Hairspray

Spray a light amount of hairspray onto your cashmere clothes before putting them on. This quick trick works like a charm to eliminate static.

  1. Air Dry your cashmere clothes
  2. Use A Humidifier in the room