Story of Munkh

Vast landscape of wild open steppes with spirit of nomads. Mongolia is a land of eternal blue sky, living in harmony with the surrounding world. From these lands were born the goats that gift us with their warmest and softest cashmere. In the pursuit of her passion, a lady with her sewing machine planted the roots of a small knitwear business in 1992. As more and more people came back for her creations, she was determined to find a way to deliver Mongolian cashmere beyond borders. Her name was Bayarmaa and she established “MUNKH”( Mongolian word for “eternity”) in 2009 officially, after 17 years of diligent work.

Munkh is not solely a realization of one’s dream, it is authentic cashmere harvested humanely and made into fine finished products thanks to modern facilities and the skilled professionals. Through the centuries of nomadic lifestyle, Mongolian livestock have adapted to the exotic harsh climate thus developing finest thick coats. It is their fibers, namely goat cashmere, yak wool and camel wool that we use to produce garments, accessories, as well as home textile products. These purely organic pieces serve to keep you warm, to help you feel always comfortable and meant to last.