Why is yak wool considered exquisite?

1. It’s warm.
The warm quality of yak wool was first discovered in 1980, as it maintained the insulation even when the wool got wet, keeping normal body temperature. During the experiment, yaks kept the body temperature of +8 to +20 in -18oC, which explained yaks’ adaptation to the harsh climate, surviving extreme colds. This indicator is 10-15 percent greater than that of merino wool.

2. It’s soft.
It is difficult to distinguish scoured yak down from scoured goat cashmere, unless told so. The fiber is unbelievably delicate and thin despite the yak itself being huge. Munkh usually uses 17.5-19-micron fibers for manufacturing, which ensures the most favorable condition for the product to be soft, strong, and durable. That is the reason yak down makes a perfectly balanced product that is easy on the skin, yet keeps you warm during cold winter.

3. It is strong and durable.
Yak down has a greater sulfurous base and higher levels of protein and amino acid, making it stronger and more durable compared to other kinds of wool with the same diameter.

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Recently, yak wool has got more and more attentions for its good quality and competitive price in textile industry. However, for its large dispersion and stiffness, there are still some difficulties in utilizing yak fibers, which also further limit the development of yak wool products. Aiming at this problem, in this article, yak wool was compared with cashmere and camel hair. Cashmere and camel hair are another two kinds of animal fibers, which have been studied for a long time and there have been mature manufacture techniques for some cashmere or camel hair products. By comparative analyzing the surface and cross-section morphologies, physical and chemical properties of these three kinds of fiber, the better ways to develop yak wool can be got. Findings show that among the three kinds of animal fibers, the scales of yak fibers arrange densest. Besides, it also has the highest strength and friction effect.

4. It’s breathable.
Breathability of yak down indicates its abilities to absorb and release moisture, adapting to one’s body temperature. One will forget the uncomfortable feelings of wearing clothes made of synthetic materials like sweating, after wearing” breathable” clothes made of yak down.

5. It is static-resistant.
All kinds of natural fibers have anti-static quality-they do not electrify. In terms of yak down, this indicator is quite high, even higher than cashmere.  Therefore, clothes made of yak down do not stick to the body and neither electrify.

6. It’s anti-bacterial.
Yak down has a unique, anti-bacterial quality. It is impossible for bacteria to breed from sweat and dirt in clothes made of yak down. Even in situations where no cleaning and washing is available, you may not worry about the bacteria.

7. It does not absorb any odor.
Yak gives out almost no odor, despite its wild appearance. This natural characteristic forms another quality of a product made of yak down. Likewise, there is no need to wash yak products as much frequently as clothes made of other kinds of wool, resulting in longer durability.