Story of Munkh

Vast landscape of wild open steppes with the spirit of nomads. Mongolia is a land of eternal blue sky, living in harmony with the surrounding world. From these lands were born the goats that give us their warmest and softest cashmere. In the pursuit of her passion, a lady with her sewing machine planted the roots of a small knitwear business in 1992. As more and more people came back for her creations, she was determined to find a way to deliver Mongolian cashmere beyond borders. Her name was Bayarmaa and she established “MUNKH”( Mongolian word for “eternity”) in 2009 officially, after 17 years of diligent work.

Munkh is not solely a realization of one’s dream, it is authentic cashmere harvested humanely and made into fine finished products thanks to modern facilities and the skilled professionals. Through the centuries of nomadic lifestyle, Mongolian livestock have adapted to the exotic harsh climate thus developing finest thick coats. It is their fibers, namely goat cashmere, yak wool and camel wool that we use to produce garments, accessories, as well as home textile products. These purely organic pieces serve to keep you warm, to help you feel always comfortable and meant to last.


The MUNKH Brand

MUNKH is the story told by nomads through the precious fiber of Mongolian cashmere made into intricately crafted, extremely practical clothes and home textile pieces.

The company offers generic knitwear that one can enjoy every day and home textile products meant to maximize one’s comfort and are meant to last.

When realizing her dream, company’s founder Bayarmaa and her daughter imagined her creations to be a loving item and to be long-lasting possession to its owner. Because MUNKH means “eternity”- the brand that strives for eternal quality for every piece it creates.

Hello, I’m Temuge Batsuuri.

MUNKH is a family company founded by my mother Bayarmaa in 1992, and to this day owned and operated by our family. I took a giant leap and started working as the General Manager of MUNKH from January 2016, right before we started focusing on Japanese and European markets.

Quickly, I was captivated by my mother’s ambitious goals: to share the finest cashmere and the value of my homeland with the world. I knew MUNKH just like the back of my hand. I grew up observing the cashmere industry together with my siblings from the first-row seat.

It started as a family business – and now we have a “family” of 50 employees of dedicated colleagues, loyal customers worldwide, and reliable suppliers – Mongolian herders with whom we’ve worked from day one.

Me and the MUNKH team pay particular attention to creating quality products with exquisite softness, with impeccable finishing and fitting using up-to-date knitting techniques. We make sure that our customer’s get their orders on time. Through our small MOQ we try to bring fast and flexible service via efficient communication channels.

I would love to hear from you! How did you hear about us? What can we offer you?

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